About Modern Alexandrian

The intention bound into each book is to elicit delight and inspire creativity. My hope is to provide meaningful and beautiful vessels for your art and journaling practice.

The name Modern Alexandrian came from the great Library of Alexandria and the belief that knowledge and ideas are paramount and should be preserved. Even after the destruction of the Great Library - it is still reveared and remembered today.

I made my first book during lockdown while attempting to distract myself from the frustrations of working from home. After my shelves were overflowing with handmade books, I decided to create a shop to share these beauties with other creatives. For me, bookbinding is a meditative practice to slow down and find presence. Being creative has become an important part of my daily life. Through Modern Alexandrian, I hope to encourage and inspire creative habits, in small and big ways.

I appreaciate you being here today!


Photo Credit @steviecairnsphotography